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One popular college major in New York State is engineering. Engineering is still one of the most popular choices among incoming freshmen male students. While women make up the majority of college students, engineering is still one area where young men have a larger enrollment than women.

Engineering offers a wide variety of different specializations -- chemical engineering, electrical engineering, structural engineering -- and the list is long. Click here to see engineering school options.

Some incoming students are really interested in fashion and clothing. These students can take these interests and turn them into a career by starting with an entry level position and a degree in fashion design, fashion business or just plain business. The fashion industry is a business that doesn't have as many set rules for entry level positions or career advancement. If you can get into the business and do a good job, you can move up at your own pace. This is especially true in a city such as New York City. Find out more about a career in fashion and where to get started.

If you like to cook, you could turn that interest into a career as a chef. Professional chefs are needed in every city. It doesn't take much formal education to get your first job at a restaurant, and if you're good at it, you can work your way up quickly. Most big cities like New York and Chicago have good culinary arts schools that can get you started soon. See cooking classes you can get into.

And if you want to get out of New York State to attend college, your options are pretty much limitless. You could enroll at a Midwest college in Michigan, Ohio or Wisconsin, or you head all the way to the West Coast and attend a college in San Diego, the choices are up to you.


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